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Baby High Chair

When baby can sit up on his own and eat solid food -- usually between 4 and 6 months -- it's time to add a baby high chair or toddler high chair to your kitchen decor. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you buy it.


Is It Easy to Use?

Whether it's easy to get your baby in and out is the most important concern. Check the seat straps to see if they're simple to buckle and unbuckle. Using a three- or five-point harness keeps him safe.

Is It Comfortable?

Use it if you want your baby to stay seated for a decent period of time. Consider how roomy the seat is, especially if you have a big baby. Is the seat well padded? Is there a footrest?

Is It Easy to Clean?

Babies are notoriously messy eaters, and that means you need to consider how easy it is to clean up after a messy meal. Most chairs come with a vinyl seat that can be wiped clean.

A recent update in high chairs is a tray-within-a-tray feature. The top tray pops out for cleaning in your sink or dishwasher. Some high chairs even come with an extra tray so that if one is being washed, you've got another.

One That Grows with Your Little One

Babies grow faster in their first year than at any other stage of life, so you’ll want a high chair that grows with them.

Safety Standards: 

They must be all compliant with European or American safety norms. 

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