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Baby Playpen

A baby playpen provides an enclosed play area that gives your baby a safe place to play, which ensures that the baby is always under the watchful eye of an adult. The self-contained units are usually made of either wood, plastic or metal. Most baby playpens are lightweight so they can be easily carried around the house and stored. A baby playpen will not only make your life easier, and it will also give your baby some sense of independence at an early age. When using the product, simply place your chosen playpen on a flat floor surface and place toys in it, and then you can do something else.


The types of baby playpens, baby bassinets or baby cradles:                                                    

Traditional wooden baby playpens: This type is usually more spacious and can easily match with the house decor. They provide plenty of room for your baby to play safely.

Coloured plastic baby playpens: These are eye-catching and fun for baby but usually large and harder to move from room to room, so make sure you have enough space for it.

Metal structured and fabric-sided baby playpens: These are better for smaller spaces and very easy to keep clean. These tend to be incredibly durable which is great if you're planning to have more than one child.

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