Baby Strollers


Harari is a baby stroller brand that provides parents with different styles of baby pram strollers.

Baby stroller is a wheeled manual device that allows a baby or toddler to sit down and move the baby easily, whether walking or running, or when parents move on foot.

The soothing motion of the baby stroller can help babies fall asleep. In addition, the baby pram strollers can provide a safe place for the baby to be placed. It may provide valuable service indoors as well as outdoors, such as on the street or in the park. There are a number of different types of baby strollers:

3 in 1 Baby Strollers For Infant Or Toddler

Some baby pram strollers have a deep recline or bassinet mode, which means you can put your newborn in the products with no add-ons needed. But many models are more suitable for infants who can control their own necks or can nearly sit up unsupported. The product is suitable for kids for about four to six months.

Smart Baby Stroller

The smart stroller is equipped with a follow-me system. Its garden mode is a walking-play style when the baby seat in the baby pram stroller and the parent plays in front of the baby. The product provides a good choice for people when holding a baby. In addition, it is designed with a one-key fold/unfold motor and many other intelligent functions. This is the only one smart baby pram stroller in China with a light weight of only 8kg.

Lightweight / Umbrella Baby Stroller

These models are lightweight and can be folded easily into a compact package. It is very easy to handle when, for example, people get on and off a bus, on the plane or driving a car. These baby pram strollers feature easy maneuverability in tight spots. Because these strollers offer little support, they are typically unsuitable for newborns.

Standard Or Traditional Baby Stroller

Full-size strollers have a heavier body and include more built-in storage features than a lightweight stroller. These baby strollers are useful for long walks, are easier to control, and have more paddings than lightweight strollers.

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