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Best Baby Car Seats - Safety of Your Kids Should Be A Top Priority


Have a new-born baby brings a lot of changes in a family. A car with a safe and sound car seat for the baby is one of the most important changes that you will make for your baby. 

Traveling with your baby can be hectic sometimes. Remember, never leave your kids in the back seat of your car without nothing to keep him/her safe, or let mommy hold him/her. When a sudden brake is made, a tragedy might happen. According to the statistics, hundreds of kids die in car accidents every year. Most of them were due to not buckled up correctly. That’s so heartbreakingly stupid. 

All parents, please attach the importance of using safe and sound car seats which can save your child’s life. Your precious little one deserves a safe and trouble-free grow-up.

Well, want a seat is easy but choosing one that suits your needs perfectly can be a very difficult decision to make as there are countless options available on the market. 

Here, let’s walk you through some best baby car seats to consider in 2020.

Top-Rated Infant Car Seat in 2020 - Harari Adjustable Portable Baby Car Seat

How to Install Safe And Sound Car Seat:

To install the car seat base, set the base in the middle seat of the car as shown. The base of the car seat should sit at a 30-45 degree angle when it is sitting on the seat properly.

Then use the vehicle's seat belt to secure the car seat base to the vehicle. All car seats have a "path" to thread the seat belt through. Tighten the seat belt by placing one hand on the car seat base and holding the seat belt shoulder strap with the other hand. Simultaneously pull the seat belt slack while pushing down on the base. This will secure the car seat base very tight so that the base doesn't move out of place. The most crucial step in this process is to make sure that the car seat base is tight when buckled and does not move more than an inch.

Lastly, install this car seat for toddlers to the base using the "click connect" system.

Why People Like The Safe And Sound Car Seat:

This 0-25KGS HB919 plus adjustable top-rated baby car seat is a fan favorite for its excellent features of great safety, ease of use, and extreme comfort. The base if simple to install and once installed, it is tightly and sturdily secured in place. A built-in, easy-to-read indicates to signal proper installation gives peace of mind to nervous new parents.

Aside from top-notch safety features, parents rave about the quality materials and extendable “dream drape” that provides full coverage for snoozing babies. For those who frequently take taxis or driving cars, this safe and sound car seat that is a breeze to install is perfect to choose from. And with adjustable features, every journey near or far is customized to the comfort for both patents and kid.

Features Parents Love:

Ultra-Strong Frame - Steel-reinforced frame provides strength and durability for years of safe use.

Easy Installation - The easy to read level indicator makes installation much easier.

Adjustable Headrest - As your child grows, so does their headrest. The headrest of this car seat can be adjusted easily through every growth spurt.

5-point Harness System - you can easily adjust the height of your harness and headrest in one motion to ensure the child is always properly secured.

What Parents Say:

“This adjustable car seat for toddlers is made of high quality HDPE materials. It is what draws our attention to it in the first place. The ease of installment was a nice added feature, especially for us as we never use it before.”

“This safe and sound car seat for baby is very sturdy and has some best safety ratings. Our baby felt comfortable in it since day one and did not cry. It’s very plush and feels like our baby is well protected each time we use it. I wish it were a little lighter. But as for as its functionality is concerned, it is definitely a good deal.”

Packing Specification of this portable baby car seat





Carton Size:


Why Choose Harari - One Leading Baby Product Brand In China

Harari is a trusted baby product manufacturer in China, providing effective parenting solutions for over 11 years. All of our products are rooted in safety, durability, and the best intentions of loving parents and favored by customers in many countries, including Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, the US, Russia, Korea, Japan, etc.

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