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How To Choose The Best High Chair For Your Baby


Baby dining chairs are available in many families today. Choosing a baby feeding high chairs is not rocket science, but can be challenging if you are a first-time parent as there is a great variety of high chairs found on the market. What’s the baby high chair for? It is to assist both parents and babies and make the feeding time fun and safe. Are your family happily welcoming a little angel recently? If yes, then you should start considering buying a dining high chair for your baby.

How To Choose The Baby Dining Chairs?

Choosing a baby feeding high chair is a skill. A good baby high chair can make your baby sit comfortably and make it work to the fullest. How to choose? And why choose it. Let me tell you.

Basic baby high chairs with metal or plastic frame

This type of baby dining chair is really basic and simple. They are equipped with harnesses for safety but otherwise offer no other comforts for the baby. Usually, they are molded plastic that may or may not have some padding. The main advantages of this baby feeding high chair are that they are easy to clean, quite affordable, and light. The disadvantage is that they are not that comfortable for the baby as they lack cushioned padding in most of the cases.


baby high chair

Details of this foldable plastic infant baby dining chair

Fabric Color: Purple, Blue, Red, Orange

Frame Color: White

Certification: EN:14988:2017

Feature: Suitable for babies aged 6 to 36 months; removable and washable PVC seat cover; adjustable backrest, footrest, and height; can be folded, convenient for storage.

Packing Specification: 1 piece/ctn, G.W 10.3KG, carton size: 60*32*56cm

Why choose it?

This best baby dining chair converts to suit your child as he sprouts through the months. An optional footrest and three recline options ensure the baby is always positioned comfortably for feeding. The dishwasher-safe tray is removable with one hand, and this baby feeding high chair can even be adjusted to accommodate the height of parents.

Wooden high chairs

These kinds of baby high chairs are made of wood and look quite fashionable. But wooden baby dining chairs have a few drawbacks that you need to consider prior to purchasing one. They may be not that comfortable for your kid as often the footrest too low for infants. As a whole, the wooden dining high chair is high maintenance.


baby high chair

Details of this foldable simple design baby high chair

Color: Pink, white, blue, or Customized

Certification: EN14988:2017

Feature: suitable for kids of 6 months to 4 years old; 3-point adjustable safety belt holds the baby securely in place; 7-position adjustable footrest; Use tetrahedral triangle structure, the baby sits more comfortably.

Packing Specification: 1piece/ctn, G.W 7.5KG, carton size: 46*36*31cm

Why choose it:

This baby feeding high chair has a surprising number of benefits. The simple design works for modern homes, while the 3-point seat belt adds safety for your little one. This baby dining chair has zero nooks and crannies; simply spray it down with a mild soapy solution and wipe clean. There’s also no need to worry about setup.


Full-feature high chairs

These types of baby feeding high chairs are an upgraded version of the basic metal- or plastic-frame high chairs. They include well-padded seats, detachable and interchanging trays, wheels, adjustable height and/or a reclining seat. All of these features make them more comfortable both for the baby and the parent. It is a good idea to pay a higher price and get the extras that go with this baby dining chair.


baby high chair

Details of this fancy baby high chair

1) Modern high chair, suitable for babies aged 6 months to 5 years.

2) Removable fabric seat pad

3) Wipe-clean seat

4) 5 point harness

5) Beechwood legs, non-skid feet

6) Removable double tray with 3 positions and easy cleaning

7) Size: 97x55x53cm

8) N.W: 6kg

Why choose it:

This fancy baby dining chair is like two products in one: a sturdy high chair and a toddler booster seat. Aside from the product’s convertibility, customers also like its easy-to-wash seat pad, five-point harness, and removable tray. It’s one of the best baby high chairs on the market!

When Do You Need A Baby Dining Chair?

Many parents start looking for a baby feeding high chair once the baby is born or even prior to that. Thus, they have more time to browse through different options, read reviews, and finally, select the best high chair that suits their needs.

Generally, when your baby can sit up on his own and is eating solid food (usually 6 months), it is time to purchase a baby feeding chair. Note, it is necessary for your baby to be able to sit up by themselves. Otherwise, a high chair might be quite uncomfortable for the baby and cause an adverse effect. So, among so many types of baby dining chairs in today’s market, what one is best?

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