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How To Use A Baby Auto Seat


Baby auto seats are mainly protective equipment made specifically for children. Do you know how to use a baby car seat ? It can only better protect your baby if used properly. This article is designed to guide parents in the proper use of baby auto seats.


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How To Use A Baby Auto Seat

Most parents know the importance of properly placing their baby in a child car seat, but reports show that 80% of children are not properly seated in a baby car seat. You know, children's safety is not a child's play! How to use a baby car seat properly?


First, carefully read the safety seat installation instructions before using it, and make sure that the seatbelt slot installed is accurate every time.

Most adjustable baby safety seats have three pairs of seat-belt slots: the lower two are reserved for the forward facing position of the seat, and the uppermost slot is reserved for the forward facing seat . For most baby auto seats, when facing forward, only the uppermost secondary slot can protect the seat belt in an accident. Therefore, when changing the orientation of the baby car seat, don't forget to adjust the seat-belt slot.

Second, you should use a special baby auto seat suitable for your child's age.

If the baby is born to one year old and weighs less than 9 kg, you can use a baby-only seat that is installed backwards or a baby seat that can be changed in direction. Children under one year old, more than 9 kg, or infants over one year old and less than 9 kg should continue to be placed backwards.

When the child is over one year old and over 9 kg, a child-friendly safety seat or a dual-purpose baby auto seat that can be turned in the direction can be used until they reach 18 kg. Children over 18 kg should be placed in a booster baby car seat with a seat belt.

Third, look at the clips on the seat belt when putting your baby in the car seat.

The clip should be placed in front of the baby's sternum and flush with the axilla. If the clip is not oriented properly, the seat belt may slip off your baby's shoulder. In this situation, in the event of an accident, the baby is very likely to be ejected from the baby auto seat.

Fourth, every time you use a baby car seat, you must tightly wrap the baby's entire body.

If the baby is too thin, it is best to put a small blanket around the empty part when he sits in the baby auto seat, and then fasten the seat belt. In this way, when driving, the body will not swing from side to side due to the seat being too large.

Fifth, regularly maintain the child car seat you are using.

Just as your car needs regular maintenance, so should your baby auto seat. You can consult car seat manufacturers. Generally, regular manufacturers have national warranty points and after-sales maintenance. Of course, some car maintenance shops can also help you check the safety of baby car seats.


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How To Use Different Types Of Baby Auto Seats

If you have the right baby seat, the problem may be that the seat cannot be properly placed in the car or the child cannot be correctly placed in the seat. There are different ways to use different types of baby safety seats.


First, use a rear-mounted baby seat or a convertible dual-purpose baby seat.

Make sure that the rear seat belt is placed on (or slightly below) the child's shoulder when using; the chest lock is properly placed on the child's armpit; the baby auto seat's seat belt is snug and tight; the angle of the seat Approximately 45 ° C.

Second, use a baby car seat that is installed facing forward.

To ensure that the seat belt of a child safety seat facing forward is placed on (or slightly lower than) the child's shoulder, the front-most detachable seat should be installed using the topmost slot. Some front-mounted baby auto seats can be used until the child is 18 kg and before the age of 12. When the child is 18 kg, you can remove the seat belt of the child seat and use the car's own seat belt (including belt / shoulder belt).

Third, use a booster seat with a seat belt.

When using a booster seat equipped with a seat belt, use the car's own seat belt (including the belt / shoulder belt) at the same time, and do not use only the belt's belt. This principle applies to both backless and high-back booster seats. Second, let the baby car seat's shoulder straps fit tightly against your chest and you should never put them under your arms or behind you.  The seat belt of the baby auto seat should also be lowered, placed on the base of the thighs, not on the abdomen.

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