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When it comes to the purchase of baby products, baby strollers are probably one of the most "pits" for Chinese mothers. To be honest, baby strollers with different prices on the market seem to look the same if they don't look carefully. Look at the features, it can be described as varied. In the face of a dazzling array of goods, Chinese treasure mothers may suffer from "choosing difficult diseases" if they are not careful. Finally, they spend a lot of money and don't know where the car is. However, from another perspective, this also illustrates the popularity of the Chinese baby stroller market.

The e-commerce data of the Tmall platform shows that in April 2019, sales of baby strollers were 191 million yuan, up 60.8% year-on-year; sales in May were 184 million yuan, up 35.5% year-on-year. The hundreds of millions of sales of baby strollers and the double-digit year-on-year increase are very conspicuous in baby products.

Among them, the good boy who ranks first in sales, the market share has remained above 8% for two consecutive months, which is twice the second. The top ten brands accounted for 34% of sales. It can be said that the Chinese baby stroller market is under the strong demand, and it is rapidly moving towards the “head market”. Enterprises without brand advantage will soon face big waves.

At the same time, some brands of strollers are manufactured in the same factory according to similar molds. This model has caused the market to be less differentiated. The reason is that the development of a new type of cart is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also at risk of not being accepted by the market. Therefore, many companies choose to take shortcuts and directly “brand”, resulting in many baby strollers on the market in terms of shape and function.

However, because of the low recognition, these carts are difficult to raise the price, and the profits are not up. They can only rely on the market to mix and eat. Brands that can sell high prices often have good reputation and good quality, and a large part of the price belongs to “brand premium”.

That is to say, for the stroller enterprise, the simple "OEM production" can only rely on the sky. In order to gain a foothold in the market, we must work hard and rely on unique design and excellent quality to create our own brand. For example, the current industry bosses and good kids, cart design is second to none in the world. After the brand was established, other products that Goodbaby now sell are also widely accepted by consumers and continue to enjoy the brand premium.

In fact, there are still a long way to go before the brands of baby strollers in the Chinese market are perfect. It is not difficult to find new breakthroughs and establish your own brand. For example, with the development of technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and AI, various products and services on the market are more intelligent.

If these smart technologies are skillfully applied to baby strollers, they can bring more added value to consumers and gain unique advantages. Such as global positioning, smart collection, mobile phone control and even automatic driving, these smart travel scenarios are not out of reach. Technology companies have announced that they will develop "auto-driving" strollers that work with mobile applications. This type of cart can be driven by a mobile phone or automatically driven, eliminating the hassle of a parental cart. There are also enterprises in the development of intelligent monitoring of baby dynamics of the cart, you can always grasp the baby's condition through smart devices, eliminating the worry of parents worry about the baby.

In short, in the context of the “intelligent revolution” sweeping the globe, Chinese stroller companies should change their thinking as soon as possible, and use a broader perspective to seek future development, rather than immersed in the “OEM production” that makes quick money. After all, an effort to gain a point. On the road to creating a "golden signboard", there is no shortcut to go!

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