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Is The Playard With Bassinet Useful?


Playard with bassinet is very useful and very practical. The baby playpen bed has a soothing effect on infants and young children, and reduces the dependence of infants on parents. It is a good helper for modern families to bring babies.


Does The Baby Playard With Bassinet Work?

The child's intelligence comes from the good development of the brain, and the child's health comes from scientific nursing. According to relevant medical data, two thirds of human brain development is completed during infancy, and smart and healthy children depend on infancy. Good sleep, sweet music, and comfortable swing can make the baby's development healthier and smarter. The playard with bassinet is crucial to the normal healthy development of the body's bones, brain, back, and waist according to the needs of the infant's growth and development.


In addition, shaking has a hypnotic effect. For many years, mothers have known to use baby playpen bed to make their children fall asleep quickly. Researchers at the University of Ohio in the United States have found that shaking is also beneficial to infant development. If you constantly and constantly affect certain moving organs of your baby, it is conducive to growth and development, allowing them to grow faster.


In the inner ear of a person, there is a place called the vestibule, whose function is to receive stimulation from the external environment, generate excitement from the nerve to the brain, and maintain the balance of the body through reflex, which can speed up the walking speed and at the same time master the progress Directions. Scientists conducted experiments on children, stimulating their vestibules for 10 minutes a day, that is, gently shaking in a playard with bassinet, and found that these children were particularly good and taller than other children.


Precautions For Using Baby Shaker

Pay attention to the use of best playard with bassinet, and should not let the child always sleep in the baby shaker. Because the child's spine is relatively soft, usually the hardness of the baby playpen bed is not enough. And often sleeping baby shaker will deform the spine, so 10 to 20 minutes a day is enough.


Some parents worry that the sleeping cradle may hurt the baby's brain. In fact, this worry is unnecessary. The playard with bassinet swing is extremely light, and it swings from side to side instead of rotating. When the baby playpen bed shakes, the baby's whole body, including the head, shakes rhythmically with the cradle instead of ramming left and right. Some adults hold the baby in their arms all day, and continue to shake, so that the baby can fall asleep or not cry, such shaking intensity may be greater than the baby playard with bassinet. Therefore, the traditional baby playpen can be used.


Of course, the safety of the baby should always be considered first, and parents must meet strict safety standards when buying a playard with bassinet. All surfaces of the crib must be painted with a protective layer to prevent cracking. Therefore, babies who are teething like to nibble with their mouths, so the bilateral rails on the edge of the baby playpen bed must be fitted with protective covers. Parents should pay special attention to the fact that metal cribs must not contain elements such as lead that are harmful to children ’s health.


In addition, parents should pay attention to the age limit when buying and using playard with bassinet. To choose a baby shaker suitable for your baby, use the baby shaker strictly in accordance with the safety instructions. Only in this way can the baby playpen bed play its greatest role on the basis of ensuring the safety of the baby.


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