Nicky Locascio And Community School of Naples

by:Harari Baby     2020-09-08
The Community School of Naples' Programming Team One took to begin with in the 14th Annual Association for Computing Machinery High School Programming Contest held November. 20 at Stetson University. The team solved seven of the nine contest problems typically the three hour session to win the competition over a robust field of statewide level of competition. In topping the field of nearly 40 teams from Florida, seniors Jon Layton and Jiaqi Li, and junior Jonathan Bunce won a desktop computer for their school, and each qualified with a $24,000 scholarship to Stetson University.
The other Community School of Naples team to compete, (team two) took ninth place and also qualified for scholarships whether they attend Stetson. Senior Lucky Hedin, junior Nicky Locascio and sophomore Eric Goodman, each competing for the other time and despite a serious time keeping error, held their own in an immense field and won scholarships worth $16,000 each. Congratulations to the teams and also coach, Upper School computer science chair and technology integrator Robert Demarest.
The Community School of Naples a great independent, non-denominational, college preparatory, day school educating rrn excess of 700 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. The comprehensive curriculum reflects top standards of yank independent schools, emphasizing basic skills in core subjects and providing a rich variety of experiences in visual and performing arts, physical education, intramural and interscholastic competitions and community service. University is tucked within north Naples at 13275 Livingston Lane.
The Community School of Naples is proud to announce that 12 in the 76 seniors have been named 2011 National Merit Semifinalists.
Gillian Baseman, Liam Bressler, Angel DeJong, Alexandra Eynon, George Ferguson, Richard Gallo, Tristan Joseph, Jonathan Layton, Lauren Raskauskas, Emma Sager, Megan Schmelzle and Timothy Schwerin depend on the opportunity to continue the actual world competition for some 8,400 National Merit Scholarships, worth in excess of $36 million, that get awarded next spring. Nine of the Semifinalists joined CSN's Lower School in 1997. A special assembly to honor these talented students will be help on Thursday, September 16, at 9:40am your School's G&L Theater.
Less than a single percent of this 1.5 million juniors the particular 2009 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) qualified for that Semifinalist pool.
Semifinalists must fulfill several requirements to advance to the Finalist involving the match. They must have an outstanding academic record throughout high school, be endorsed and recommended by the high school principal, and earn SAT scores that look into the student's earlier performance close to qualifying test. Students must also submit an essay and data about their leadership roles in school and community activities.
Established in 1955, NMSC is a not-for-profit organization that operates without government assistance specifically to conduct the National Merit Scholarship Program. Scholarships are underwritten by NMSC and by approximately 450 business organizations and institutions of higher learning typically the pursuit of academic excellence.
Community School of Naples students donate their time frequently. This season 35 Community School students and their teachers went to the headquarters of the Jumpstart Family Literacy Program at the Immokalee Farmworkers Village on State Road 29 in Immokalee, with bags full of Christmas gifts and groceries for 67 families.
When asked what it meant to the families finding the aid, Jumpstart program manager Dee Siemianowski teared utility.
'A regarding these families wouldn't have Christmas the hho booster wasn't for this,' she said. 'With the economy, they've lost jobs, things that adheres to that. We try to ensure that everybody gets something, but we possess a lot more families this year. These kids have come through in a big way.'
Of the families receiving aid, said Siemianowski, most are Hispanic and half Haitian. Providing presents for that needy began small at Community School five years ago, but has grown to dont school-wide project of holiday giving.
Each class at Community from fourth grade to 12th grade adopted a family, said senior Cambria Rackleff, 17, as she filled a lot of cups with pineapple soda outside the Jumpstart center.
'We had the names of the kids, their ages, and their wishlists,' she said. 'It's great seeing the kids' faces when they get the gifts - they're so full of joy. Also, I really like wrapping the presents.'
The elementary students at Community took care of collecting meal truck drive part the donation. Each family received bags of groceries.
Nine-year-old Joshua Joseph was excited and before he saw what is in his bag of gifts.
'Last year, I got a bike and a toy car,' he said, having trouble holding nonetheless. 'My cousin got a Playstation portable. This year, I'm hoping to obtain Wii. Thank you, someone you care about.'
Sony PSP and Nintendo wii are video game consoles.
'This is among my favorite days on the year, to see these kids donating their time and effort,' said Community School of Naples biology teacher Christopher Utz, a 14-year veteran of the school. 'A couple of those kids will be getting on private planes tomorrow, or flying off to exotic holiday vacations. Modest for your crooks to realize the actual way the other half lives.'
Community's college activities director Jill Rochette was the busiest person in the center, caught with a clipboard, trailed by students, making sure each recipient was matched to obtaining packages. Some families needed the assistance of four high schoolers to get their packages to their cars.
Some had no car and loaded the goodies appropriate baby stroller while a mature sibling carried its former occupant.
Along utilizing presents and also the groceries, books had a role in the day's festivals. A series of tables outside held hundreds of children's books and each child selected one get home, said freshman Paige Hebble as she supervised the book selection.
Maria Trejo-Cervantes, surrounded by her four children and speaking in Spanish, thanked the Community School students for their generosity.
'I'm delighted. Many thanks for these presents. Our kids is grateful to the families of people who give us these gifts,' she expressed.
Maria Segura, a lead teacher at Jumpstart, started out in pounds as a student, is now attending college on a scholarship.
Sabina Sandoval turned the tables on the gift-givers, bringing a gift of her to thank her benefactors. Inside her baby stroller, she the large gift-wrapped basket of fruits and vegetables, which she given to program coordinator Jill Rochette.
No matter how much or how little one has, it seems, our desire to give is strong.
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