Serbian Cuisine - Suop Recipe

by:Harari Baby     2020-09-13
In a rustic environment, Corner Pub Kuvar Restaurant stand at the visitors' service arriving in Szarvas, with a good quality choice of dishes as well as a terrace seating 50 getting a show kitchen. Situating 100 meter far of one's Dead Koros (Holt Goros) the restaurant formed along with a demanding care prepares international and national food areas. Restaurant undertake organizing garden and personal parties, catering for groups and also managing get-togethers.
Restaurant Corner Pub Kuvar offers next services: live music, dancing, air-condition, children menu, baby high lounge chair. Besides traditional Serbian menu, there Hungarian and Mediterranean specialties.Serbian cuisine is sharing characteristics from the Balkans(especially ex Yugoslavia), Turkish and the med (especially Greek), Austrian and Hungarian dishes. In the 20th century the Serbian diaspora has spread the cuisine over world.
Corner soup
Ingredients: 50 dk pork boneless, 1 medium onion, 2 carrots, 1 parsley, 1 lemon, 5 dl sour cream, 25 dk chicken liver, salt, ground pepper, marjoram, sweet seasoning paprika (red pepper), mustard.
Method: On some oil, brown the meat with the vegetables and the onion. Savor it with mustard and lemon also as season it with salt and spices. Pour water on and cook it by a pokey fire until semi - finished. Positioned the chicken liver into it, and then after re-boiling, thicken with sandy roux and give sour cream to the device. Finally, dish it up hot.
Honeyed chicken bits made with garlic, dried fruits and potato croquettes
Ingredients: 1kg chicken fillet, honey, garlic, dried fruit mix, potato croquettes, grill seasoning mixture, cinnamon, any.
Method: Season the chicken breast, beat slightly and roast on grill bowl. Then burn the sugar, pour some water on and steam the dried fruits in that it is jelly - like. Savor it with cinnamon. Rub the meat chops with honeyed garlic oil. Finally, dish it up with potato croquettes and the fruits also as sprinkle with fried almond slivers.
Duck brod of Endrod
Ingredients: 1 kg giblets, half kg diced potatoes, parsley, carrot, bay leaf, condiment, peppercorn, some vinegar, 2 dl sour cream.
Method: Savor the normally made broth with sour cream thickened with flour (cream slurry) and some vinegar. Dish it up hot.
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