What are key manufacturers for baby strollers?
There are tens of thousands of manufacturers for baby strollers in the world, with key manufacturers mainly located in China. We are proud of being listed in the key manufacturers, which may be attributed to our continuous efforts in product innovation as well as customer demand fulfillment. Since Suzhou Harari Baby Products Company LTD.'s inception, we strive to meet the certification requirements of international accreditation institutions by performing performance tests and quality assurance methods. As such, the product quality is being continuously enhanced to meet the higher demands of the market.
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As a company specializing in the production of baby strollers, Harari Baby Products enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. The baby bouncer is one of the main products of Harari Baby Products. This product features enough elasticity. During the processing, the density, thickness, and yarn twist of its fabric are totally enhanced to handle stretch. This product, enabling babies to learn various things independently, helps them grow mentally from observing. It can be very accurate. Since users are using a pen to write/draw it on a board, it’s very similar to writing/drawing something on paper. This gives users the freedom to draw without any restrictions. Featuring travel friendliness, it can be carried anywhere to offer babies a comfortable place.

We think highly of the sustainable business mode. Through upgrading our production procedures, we strive to make a balance among the development of economic, social, and environmental factors.

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